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At MTH Digital, we make your made to measure digital strategy happen! We analyse your business history and KPIs. We set together measurable business objectives. We create your digital strategy. We implementmeasure and continually finetune.

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Over 11 years of digital marketing and online business experience within various industries from online publishing and classifieds to e-commerce Our team has extensive hands-on experience in digital strategy and marketing for businesses ranging from e-commerce and digital pure-players to B2B and B2C brands for which digital is a communication channel. Our services cover the entire digital marketing landscape. Let the right customer in. He is still uneased, not sure what to make out of her question.

E-Commerce Index Philippines Reports

ECI Philippines will be available in three volumes — manufacturing, retail and wholesale, and services. Each volume will contain three sections:.

ECI Philippines is an important benchmark for corporations and corporate executives. It is a norm. Decision makers and planners can compare the extent of its e-commerce activities with those of the industry and sector in the industry.

It is also a tool that consultants and service providers in e-commerce may use to justify investments in e-commerce activities and development. ECI Philippines is also an attempt to make the Philippines e-commerce ready and a leading practitioner of e-commerce in the Asian region. Internet Marketing and E-commerce: Internet marketing means marketing of the products or services online.

It refers to the strategies and techniques e-commerce are used for marketing of the products and services online. Internet marketing strategies includes web-designing, Digital Engine Optimization marketing, E-mail marketing, online promotions, blogs. Internet marketing helps in attracting customers as more and more people use internet now- a- days. Internet is the widest channel of communication available for all kind of businesses therefore internet marketing allow to attract customers rapidly.

E-commerce or electronic commerce means buying or selling of products or services through electronic means such as internet, mobiles, telephones ,fax machines, ATMs.

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E-commerce means paperless exchange of business information. E-commerce uses strategies such as public, relations, referrals, banner ads. Online shopping, online banking, teleconferencing, electronic tickets, instant messaging are some of the common business application related to e-commerce. Relationship between Internet Marketing and E-commerce:

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