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The second year is jointly conducted by top ranked universities in the four largest economies in the region, and a cross cultural project will also be conducted across borders over the final year. Each school will admit a select group of up to 15 students only to take part in this program. News About us Contact us Sitemap Terms of use. Why become a member.

The value of accreditation. Become an accredited business school. The extensive background in research contributes significantly to companies with consulting knowledge backed by advanced prospective methodologies adequate to the specific characteristics and conditions they face.

Highly regarded and market reference within senior executives.

FIA – Fundação Instituto de Administração

Currently, averaging 13 nationalities in the classroom, our culturally aware and diverse students administracao on enhancing and exchanging knowledge, experiences and business models from all over the world, benefitted with an International study trip to administracao USA and the opportunity to develop a consulting project in instituto Brazilian organizations.

Additionally, fia, mixed groups eclipse database modeling students from all schools work on a real-life consulting project for an international company in one of the four countries, presenting the final results to the client organization at the end of the third and final semester of the course.

Created in to form business leaders, this pioneering course has strong recognition in the national and international levels. It is the ultimate course for already made another MBA or increase their knowledge and skills for an international career and seeks an intense exchange of knowledge from the more experienced students from Brazil. The Economist welcomes your views. Please stay on topic and be respectful of other readers.

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FIA, Fundacao Instituto de Administracao

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    Due to its continued contribution to society and to projects of great social impact, in , the Foundation was declared a public service institution by municipal, state and federal governments. Created in to form business leaders, this pioneering course has strong recognition in the national and international levels.