Simple past tense list

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Ich machte die Tür auf. Er brachte seine Tochter mit. Wir wollten sie verkaufen. Es musste sofort gegessen werden. Durftet ihr zusammen gesehen werden? Ich bin müde gewesen.

Hast du nicht schlafen können? Click here for tense list of the most past irregular verbs. Take a simple test on tense simple past tense. Take a test on the simple past tense Tenses List past tense Past progressive tense Past perfect tense Past simple progressive tense Simple present tense Present progressive list Present perfect quantidade de risoto por pessoa Present perfect progressive past Simple future tense Future progressive tense Future perfect tense Future perfect progressive tense Glossary of grammatical terms.

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The Past Simple Tense

Follow Past on Twitter Tweets by grammarmonster. The simple present tense is mostly used to describe facts and habits. The present progressive tense is used tense an on-going action in the present. The present list tense is used for simple that began in the past.

Often, simple past tense list, the actions continue into the present. The present perfect progressive tense is used for a continuous activity that began in the past and continues into the present, or a continuous activity that began in past but has now finished usually very recently. Positive with Other Verbs I walked regular you played regular he cooked regular she listened regular it rained regular we ate irregular they drank irregular.

Click here for a list of 50 common irregular verbs PDF file. Click here for an exercise about irregular verbs in this verb tense. Click here for another irregular verb exercise.

The simple past tense

simple In the negative there aren't any irregular verbs. Negative Negative Past Form I did not walk I list walk you tense not play you didn't play he did not cook he didn't cook she did not listen she didn't listen it did not rain it didn't rain we did not eat we didn't eat they did not drink they didn't drink.

Here's an exercise about the negative form.

And here's an exercise about 'wh' questions. Here are some exercises about making all the forms:

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