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July 13, — 4: How fire Grow Hydrangea from Cuttings July 18, — 1: Tune-up time for your equipment! March 17, — 2: February fire, — 1: January 26, — 8: Red 25, codigos Pokemon found clue 3…not working for all the combos codigos have gotten.

Pokemon a playa out. And does anyone even understand clue 6 because i dont? Code is [removed red admin] but you must wait farmacia pague menos palmas to your site updates to newest version.

I have the rest. I was trying and no one works. I tried 0, 1, 4 and 5. Are there any other coders other than: Is there one for Steelix? Se eu conseguir mais códigos eu venho aqui posto os códigos! Uhm… The first one is 6 The second is 7 Number three is [removed] of course the fourth is [removed] the fifth must be [removed] last but not least is 4. Can someone tell me all the codes please im new email me at ashleerobbins live. What the hell is ?

Someone can Email me ALL the codes? Some body are taken out all the code of the comments!!!! I only have the first and the last number of the code of… -Mewtwo -Mew -Groudon. Just one suggestion man. My pokemon are all scattered. It would be a very welcomed feature.

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Thanks for your time bro. I got the code for jigglypuff, and when trying to get geodude codigos beating the challenge, I accidentally hit the wrong number and got a shiny pidgey! Hey guys I just fire this game and I have the best theme ever -Graveler shiny lv.

Could someone tell me more codes I am desesperate for having more red pokemons or normal but weird pokemons, codigos pokemon fire red. Theres a link on the front page for clues 3 and 4 and the link for clue 5 is under the pokemon for clue 4 and clue 6 is linked under clue 5.

Its in curso de vigilancia sanitaria wrting at above the ad and game link. Didja figure it out? If you have a mewtwo or mew code plz send it to me at 12mgev walla. Also if you take the time to read all of the comments, different people post different chunks of the codes so you can easily get all of them just by a short bit of reading.

And my first Pokemon is now a Lvl 25 Charizard. Why is everyone set on 1 upping everyone else. Congrats u have good pokemon but nobody cares.

For everyone who has to lie on a video game forum read the second sentence again and get a life. True trainers create their party with 6 pokemon they like rather than just the 6 strongest they can find. YAY works for me…. Do not believe anyone who says there above lvl 25 and have legendary pokemon i have not yet made codes or made them available i am getting alot of messages from everyone saying what are codes for legendary pokemon when there isnt any in the first place i will make a blog stating this.

Thank you for all the support from all of you. But you guys should really make more of an effort to work it out yourself. And I need a vulpix and legendaries pokemon for my game good pokemons are realy cool please guys put the codes for every pokemon you find please guys. Put your backs into it, devs of PTD!

The only codes available are Shinny Pidgey Geodude Jigglypuff If you want any others, you need to make a donation!!! Australian Open alla Wozniacki sulle ali della forza dell'amoreFinalmente Wozniacki. Slam e numero 1.

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