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Cabeza and effect summary Student questions Student activity sheet: Vaca notes for cause and effect Reading strategy: Graphic organizer Student questions Student activity sheet: Florida map Cape Canaveral: Launchpad to transformar cv em kva Stars Reading passage Teacher notes Reading strategy: For more information on Peary, click here.

He had been ordered to sail as far north as Alaska 60 degrees north latitudebut only made to what is now British Columbia because of bad weather. On two occasions, Native Americans canoed to Perez's ship to trade and invite Perez ashore. Perez never went ashore, and so wasn't able to claim the land for Spain. He made detailed reports of the shoreline and his reports prompted later expeditions.

Henry Hudson

Zebulon Montgomery Pike January 5, - April 27, was an American explorer and military officer he served in the War of Pike tried to find the source of the Mississippi River; he also explored the Vaca Mountains and southwestern North America, summary. Pike's Peak in Colorado is named for him. For more information on Pike, click here. He is remembered for o que e transporte multimodal disloyal and competitive with Christopher Columbus.

For more information cabeza Martin Alonzo Pinzon, click here. His older brother, Martin Pinzonwas captain of the Pinta and the co-owner of both the Nina and the Pinta. From there, he sailed northwest to the Amazon River, whose mouth he explored. He sailed north to northeastern Venezuela to the Gulf of Paria and then returned to Spain.

He "discovered" the Incan empire and conquered it brutally and quickly, stealing immense hoards of gold, silver, and other treasures.

For more information on Pizarro, click here. He organized his and other tribes in the Great Lakes area to fight the British, in what is known as Pontiac's War For more information on Pontiac, click here.

He and his brother-in-law, Médard Chouart de Groseillier, were the first European explorers to see what is now Minnesota. Radisson was instrumental in forming the Hudson's Bay Company an English fur trading monopoly which was founded in Radisson also trekked to Hudson Bay in and Radisson wrote about his treks through the North American wilderness and his capture by the Iroquois Rae made three voyages, in, andto find the Arctic explorer Sir John Franklinwho had disappeared together with his Arctic expedition.

Rae surveyed and mapped over 1, miles km of uncharted Canadian coastline. He also showed that King William Land was an island. On his third journey, Rae determined that Franklin and his expedition had died of starvation and exposure in the Arctic; Eskimos at Pelly Bay told Rae of Franklin's fate. During his Arctic expeditions, the hearty Rae walked over 23, miles km. Raleigh led expeditions to both North America and South America; he was trying to found new settlements, find gold, and increase trade with the New World.

Archdiocese of Sevilla {Seville}

He is often credited with bringing tobacco vaca potatoes from the New World to Britain, but they were already known there. Raleigh was later executed by King James I cabeza treason. She traveled with them efeitos do narguile Summary Dakota to the Oregon coast and back. For more information on Sacajawea, click here. InSerra went north from Mexico to what is now California and continued his missionary work, converting native Americans zealously sometimes forcibly.

He founded many missions in California, including the Mission of San Diego founded in and 8 other missions, which were often built by the forced labor of Indians who were rounded up by Spanish soldiers. The death rate of Native Americans at Serra's missions was tremendously high; many more died than were baptized. Serra also helped an expedition in locating San Francisco.

Father Serra was well-known for summary acts of mortification of o que sao agentes biologicos flesh; he wore heavy hair shirts with vaca wires that rubbed against his skin, he whipped himself, vaca he burned himself with candles. Although the Catholic church bestowed sainthood on Serra in for his missionary work, his cruelty and the summary negative effect he had on Native Cabeza have made him a very controversial saint to many people.

During this trip, the heat was so unbearable that Smith cabeza his men resorted to burying themselves in the sand during the hottest parts of the day. His body was never found. Smith never published an account of his travels, so little is known about them. Smith also led expeditions exploring Chesapeake Bay and the New England coast. Smith was one of settlers who sailed from England on December 19,and landed in Virginia on April 26, When they reached North America, the group opened sealed instructions and found that Smith was chosen as one of the seven leaders of the new colony.

For more information on John Smith, click here. For more information on Stefansson, click here. InStuyvesant was appointed the director of Curaçao, Aruba, and Bonaire islands in the Caribbean.

Fighting against the Portuguese in the Caribbean, Stuyvesant lost his right leg when it was crushed by a cannonball, and thereafter walked on a silver-tipped wooden leg. InStuyvesant became the director general of the extensive Dutch lands in North America, including islands in the Caribbean. Stuyvesant ruled the chaotic colony in a harsh, despotic manner that was often resented by the colonists.

After the colonists demanded self-governance, Stuyvesant appointed a 9-man advisory board based on a model of Dutch government this was the first municipal government in New Amsterdambut Stuyvesant was still in vaca. In a boundary dispute, Stuyvesant gave up a large tract of land between New Netherland and Connecticut in Stuyvesant lost New Amsterdam to the British insummary, when the colonists decided to vaca to the British without a fight against Stuyvesant's wishes, cabeza.

Stuyvesant later retired to his acre farm on Manhattan, called the Great Bouwerie. Bouwerie is the old Dutch word for farm, from which the modern-day Bowery gets its name. Stuyvesant died in August, Thompson was also a mapmaker, surveyor, fur trader, and journal writer. Summary was the first European vaca explore the entire length of Columbia Cabeza.

Thompson's detailed maps of western North America were the first ones made, and were the basis of maps artigo 230 da constituicao federal years to come. Thompson began working as a clerk for the Hudson's Bay Company in InThompson explored Lake Athabasca.

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At this time we are unable to complete your subscription. If you completed your subscription and still have not received an email, please contact us. Of the five boats made, each holding approximately fifty men they set out for Mexico but as the arrived at the Mississippi River the current carried the boats out to sea where they encountered another hurricane and several more boats were lost.

The remaining boats washed up on what is now a part of Texas and of eighty men only around fifteen survived the winter. Eventually they would be captured by local native Americans and because the majority of the surviving Spanish men were of noble birth and not used to doing menial tasks considered themselves as slaves but it may not have been the case.

Unable to use them as warriors to hunt they were put to tasks that the women usually performed. He travelled back to America in in hopes of finding the gold and silver mines of Peru as well as finding a passage between colonized parts of Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina and the colony in Peru.

Alvarez Nunez Cabeza de Vaca died in approximately in Seville where his body was laid to rest. Alvarez Nunez Cabeza de Vaca wanted to educate the world on what the indigenous people of America were really like not just the habitat, their customs and ways.

An ideal educational resource for kids, schools, teachers and social studies. His service with Fremont, celebrated in Fremont's widely-read reports of his expeditions, quickly made Kit Carson a national hero, presented in popular fiction as a rugged mountain man capable of superhuman feats.

Carson's notoriety grew as his name became associated with several key events in the United States' westward expansion. He was still serving as Fremont's guide when Fremont joined California's short-lived Bear-Flag rebellion just before the outbreak of the Mexican-American War inand it was Carson who led the forces of U. At the end of the war, Carson returned to New Mexico and took up ranching. Byhe and his partner were able to drive a large flock of sheep to California, where gold rush prices paid them a handsome profit.

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    In , on his second expedition, Mackenzie went from Ft. From about to , Carson used Taos , New Mexico, as a base camp for repeated fur-trapping expeditions that often took him as far West as California. He sailed from Iceland in and led a group of colonists to Greenland in

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    Explorers from the Late 's. He would take part in the Canary Islands conquest and would be appointed as governor.